Meal plans

A Meal Plan provides a budgeted number of meals every week to Crossroads Café Dining Hall which is an “All You Care To Eat” dining hall. Meal plans are good for the entire semester and at the start of each new semester the meal plan resets and a new allotment of meals depending on which plan you choose.

The First Year Experience at ENMU requires all freshmen to live in the residence halls and are thereby required to select a meal plan. There are 4 meal plan choices with varying weekly meal allotments and Flex Dollar amounts. All of our meal plans are targeted to meet the unique needs and preferences of our customers. Whether security, budget, assurance, meal frequency, convenience, price or flexibility is important to you. You will find that we’ve simplified the meal plan selection process for you with our descriptions. Please refer to our comprehensive dining brochure or our website to choose the right meal plan for you.

A Meal Plan provides the benefit of having meals on a weekly basis. You will also have extra spending money, known as Flex Dollars, available to use at any of our retail locations around campus. That way, your meals are budgeted and you never have to carry cash. While you are eating on campus you will have a greater chance of making new friends, renewing acquaintances and socializing conveniently.

All meal plans may be used in our dining hall, Crossroads Café in the Campus Union (CUB). Flex Dollars may be used at any retail venue operated by ENMU Dining on campus; this includes Starbucks (CUB), Brewed Awakening (ED), Sandella's (GCSC), World of Wings (CUB) & Zime (JWLA).

Flex Dollars are a type of campus currency that is attached all of our meal plans. Flex Dollars are loaded onto student IDs and are and are spent in the format of a debit card. Flex Dollars can be spent at any Sodexo operated location on campus. Remaining Flex Dollars balances carry over from the Fall to the Spring semester and will expire on the last day of finals week in the Spring semester.

Convenience, Discounts, and Flexibility. Also all purchases made with Flex Dollars are tax free!

Meal plans are charged to a student's account. Financial iad and scholarships can help cover the cost of meal plans! The cost can also be broken down into easy-to-manage installments. Meal plans are non-transferrable.

Online meal plan sign up forms are available. You may also purchase meal plans by visiting the Office of Housing and Residence Life in the Campus Union building. For questions please call 575-562-4050.

A resident plan is designed to benefit students living in the residence halls (Eddy, Curry, Guadelupe.) Any student may choose a residence plan. Commuter plans are designed to benefit commuting students, or those that live off campus. These plans are not available to residence hall students.


With one swipe of your Student ID at the entrance of Crossroads Café Dining Hall, you can eat as much as you desire. Our offerings include fresh fruit and salads, delicious hot home-style entrées, freshly baked pizza and pasta, deli choices served on freshly baked breads, homemade soups, new creations by our chef, ice cream, and freshly baked desserts. We also have several special events throughout the semester to celebrate holidays, national sweepstakes, and other culinary treats.

Vegetarian and Gluten-Free options are offered daily in the dining hall. Any person dining with Sodexo may speak with Executive Chef Holly Clark in regards to special accommodations or dietary needs.

Menu can be found on this site on the Resident Dining page or the Bite app by Sodexo is available in the Apple or the Google Play store.